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IGVSB launches geoportal for Venezuela

Venezuela: Geographic Institute of Venezuela Simon Bolivar (IGVSB) under the Ministry of Popular Power for the Environment (Minamb), Venezuela, launched a website, www.geoportalsb.gob.ve, where Venezuelans can get access to national geographical information tools designed with the gvSIG software.

Minamb, Sergio Rodriguez, Deputy Minister of Planning and Environmental Management and chairman of IGVSB, said, “Right now the portal will feature basic geographic information. At later stages, the IGVSB-related institutions, improve and enrich the tool. For example, the National Institute of Geology and Mines of Venezuela (Ingeominas) will produce all maps of minerals.”

Ivonne Anton, executive director of the National Center of Information Technology (CNTI), explained that the design of the portal to Venezuela, contributed by CNTI free tools support the portal, while the IGVSB takes care of all geographic information.

He stressed the importance of promoting the use of free software. “With proprietary software, one can not develop a project like this, with the desired quantities for anyone, from home or through any hub,” he added.

Source: Radio Mundial YVKE