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IGNITE 2011 unites geospatial industry thinkers

US: Prior to the kickoff of the Hexagon 2011 conference next week, ERDAS is hosting IGNITE 2011, an annual think tank event. It aims to bring together customers and partners to work alongside ERDAS.

As Hexagon now unites industry-leading providers of geospatial software and hardware, it has aligned the means to offer the geospatial industry the Dynamic GIS, an integrated geospatial system capable of translating change, on the fly, into actionable information. As plans for the Dynamic GIS come into sharper focus and become reality, consumers will finally have the ability to use a single, streamlined system  to complete the entire geospatial information lifecycle:  capturing geospatial data using sensor technology; processing vector, raster, terrain data into actionable information; managing, fusing, and sharing geospatial data across departments and regions; and finally, rapidly and securely delivering integrated information products, ensuring  individuals can make timely decisions.  

The Dynamic GIS presents a powerful and convenient alternative to the current reality of fragmented systems with incompatibilities and obstacles hampering the swift flow of geospatial data from terrestrial, airborne and orbital sensors to the eyes of decision-makers.

At IGNITE 2011, attendees will work collectively and in small group sessions to explore market needs and the technology available to develop the Dynamic GIS, working together to formulate ideas that can be developed into practical solutions. This year, IGNITE is bringing together leaders in geospatial technologies from Brazil, Canada, Germany, Greece, India, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, UK and the USA.

Source: ERDAS