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IGN signs agreement with the Air Force to perform photogrammetric flights in Argentina

On 5 March, the National Geographic Institute (IGN) has signed a technical cooperation agreement with the Air Force to attend the Plan of Aerophotogrammetric Flights 2014. The agreement consists in the realization and development of aerophotogrametric activities with cartographic purposes. Thus, the digital camera Microsoft Vexcel Ultracam XP, focus 100mm – property of IGN – was installed in an aircraft Lear Jeat intended to develop photogrammetric flights in the whole national territory with cartographic goals and the availability of 150 hours of flight.

The camera has eight lenses to obtain different levels of information on panchromatic scale (black and white), RGB (color) and infra-red. The Board of Aerophotogrametry, dependent of the General Director of Cartographic Production, is responsible for the aerial camera. The Ultracam XP represents an important step in changing the analogy by digital technology, referring to the capture of images.

Since February 21, nine test flights have been performed on the Argentine region of Paraná, Corrientes and Santa Fe, totaling nine hours and over 1,500 photos. From March 7 began flights over Bariloche (Block 1), Neuquén (Block 2) and Mendoza (Block 6). It was also processed the orthophotos and mosaics from Viedma, Carmen de Patagones, Villaguay and Goya. Now, the route of flights is in the city of Neuquén pursuing the activities laid down in the work plan.

Source: IGN