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IGN France International to upgrade base map of Mali

Mali: IGN France International was awarded a European Union tender for the upgrading of Mali’s general map at a scale of 1:200,000 and for accompanying the IGM (Geographic institute of Mali) in its modernisation process, in October last year.

Expected to last 44 months, the project started on October, 15th and the missions on the field will begin in November 2012.

The project is divided in 6 main components:
-Acquisition, delivery and installation of material
-Images acquisition and processing
-Production of the national databases
-Completion of the 136 topographic maps at a scale of 1:200000 covering the whole country
-Development of related digital products and services
-Upgrading of the IGM including capacity building for the IGM’s agents

Eric Broussouloux, IGN France International regional director in charge of the completion of the project explained, “Without mentioning the quality of the technical bid, one of the IGN FI’s offer advantages relies on the knowledge transfer. IGN France International is committed to a production entirely achieved on site, which is in the IGM’s premises and by IGM’s staff. It implies an in-depth knowledge of what the reality on the ground really is and a customized support designed specifically to meet the needs assessed. Thus, each step of the production process will start by a relevant training given by the IGN France International experts, followed by technical assistance and production supervision.”

The objectives of this project are the following:
– Accompany the IGM in the completion and structuring of its geographic data
-Complete an up-to-date geographic database and new topographic maps at a scale of 1:200000 covering the entire country (the existing mapping dating back to the 60s)
-Allow the dissemination of the data produced through the implementation of a geoportal and a geocatalogue
-Upgrade the IGM in terms of capacity building and high performance equipment

Source: IGN France International