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IGN France International to demarcate border

France: Ten years after the completion of a first demarcation of the border between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, IGN France International, export subsidiary of the French National Geographic Institute (IGN), has been awarded a new contract which will carry on from the previous one. The project, worth several million dollars, will last for two years.

This contract is made up of several components:
– The implantation of new boundary markers over the 40 kilometres of new plots,
– The cartography of this new plot at a scale of 1:50,000 and 1:10,000 around the main border
– The verification of the boundary network implemented during the previous project,
– The cartography at 1:100,000 of the land and maritime borders,
– The cartography at 1:200,000 of the entire concerned area,

 The project is divided into three distinct phases:
– A preparatory phase including the construction of a base camp that will host about 20 people mobilised for the project,
– The completion of geodetic and construction work, in particular, the verification of existing
boundary markers and the construction of new ones,
– Finally, the execution of cartographic work ranging from aerial photography to printing the
maps at different scales,

“This project marks the return of major projects able to mobilise all the skills found within the IGN. Saudi Arabia, like Qatar, has incredibly strong requirements for its geodetic accuracy and the quality of all the delivered products. They chose the IGN label,” commented Eric Broussouloux, Regional Director for IGN France International.

IGN France International will indeed be supported by the technical skills of several of IGN France’s services, benefiting from their expertise in geodesy and levelling, the acquisition and processing of satellite images, the production of orthoimages and 2D restitution, not to mention the Cartographic Service which will work on the land and sea border aspects of the project.

“This is really an extraordinary project. Not only will the expectations be high for the technical performance, but extreme conditions will be added to the mix: temperatures as high as 50°C as well as the absence of roads leading to the site, which obviously makes it harder to transport equipment,” added Cyril Romieu, IGN France International’s on-site project manager.

Source: IGN France International