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IGN France gives Chad photographic and cartographic funds, will start urban mapping in N’Djamena

Chad: The Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Housing (MATUH) and the French National Institute for Forestry and Geographic information (IGN France) organised on April 30th at the Hotel Meridien Chari N'Djamena in presence of the highest Chad authorities a ceremony to give the Government of Chad photographic and cartographic funds.

"Until now, explains Christophe Grateau, regional director of IGN France International, this documentation was stored in France at the IGN. It still has hundreds of thousands of pictures on glass plates taken in sub-Saharan Africa in the 50s. These pictures are a priceless heritage. The 80 000 old photographs in stereoscopic coverage delivered to the Chad Authorities bring a unique vision of the country at that time.

In Chad, the interest of these old photographs goes far beyond the aspect of cultural heritage. They contain valuable information to objectively understand the impact of climate change such as desertification. Among the old maps, 2 can be specifically mentioned: one of the Lake Chad more than one hundred years old and the other of the Tibesti Massif published in 1925”.

At the occasion of the workshop, IGN France presented the importance of cartographic standards as an aid to urban development and planning and described the main stages of the urban mapping project that is to start at the summer 2014 in the capital. This project will be fully completed by the MATUH agents with the assistance of IGN experts.

This 24 month project will allow many local users involved in multiple areas of activity such as land, urban planning, health, security, asset management

Source: IGN France International