IGI upgrades AEROoffice & TERRAoffice software

IGI upgrades AEROoffice & TERRAoffice software


Germany: Global geospatial company, IGI has recently launched the upgrade version 5.4.50 of its AEROoffice & TERRAoffice software. The new software can do coverage maps for scanning sensors. The new coverage map feature can be created with either raw data or using post-processed data.

To utilize raw data leads to the advantage that results can be shown just promptly after landing, without a need to start a time consuming post-processing of data. It can be a great feature to check the overlap of collected data.

It also is a good feature to create reports about mission progress for easily showing the accomplished work of day#1, day#2 or when operating several aircraft or for abroad survey missions. After landing, there just can be an email with KML-file to the headquarter.

The management at home will easily be updated and learn about the on-site mission progress, day by day. The coverage of scanline on the earth surface is shown in Google Earth via KML files created by IGI AEROoffice & TERRAoffice.

One more new feature is an indication of the operated and underlying DTM in a message box, which is shown after the Google Earth export. In case of any problems with DTM (e.g. coverage too small), the number of vertices with failed conversions will be indicated.

Source: IGI