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IGI launches AEROoffice, advanced software solution for management and analysis of precision measurements for aerial survey industry

Kreuztal, Germany, 22 February 2007 – IGI has released an advanced software solution for the management and analysis of precision measurements for the aerial survey industry. AEROoffice calculates the exact real world position and orientation of the survey camera at the instant the aerial photograph is taken in order to produce highly accurate photographic maps.

Part of a suite of software and hardware solutions from IGI, AEROoffice offers increased data processing speeds, improved management reporting tools including GoogleT Earth export and enhanced co-ordinate system management functionality.

Early market testing has proved AEROoffice version 5.1 offers significant improvements to the original release that was launched last year. “The enhancements and additional features offered by version 5.1 are already proving to be beneficial to our survey operations,” said Dr. Keren Li, Photogrammetry Specialist at Hansa Luftbild, the largest Germany based aerial survey company. “The software is easy to use and easy to integrate with our existing systems and solutions.”

Dr. Jens Kremer, Manager of Research and Development at IGI commented, “This latest release includes a range of data processing enhancements that make v5.1 faster, more accurate and easier to use. The Google Earth export facility enables survey operators to create a customer report within minutes after the flight, giving an instant visual impression of the survey mission.”

AEROoffice is designed to manage and analyse large volumes of positional data collected during an aerial survey in order to create highly accurate photomaps. The software provides a range of functions for both storing and evaluating data from the aircrafts Global Positioning System (GPS) and other onboard sensors including the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that is used to detect acceleration and rate changes in the orientation of the aircraft.

AEROoffice offers tools for the transformation of co-ordinates and attitude relative to any local mapping system and correction and misalignment functionality for increased accuracy.

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