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IGAC supports the Land Management policy of Nariño

Meeting the progress and scope of the land management policy in Nariño, besides of stressing the IGAC”s contribution by providing its products and studies for municipalities to make a better planning of their regions, are two of the many reasons leading the General Director of the Geographic Institute Agustín Codazzi (IGAC), Juan Antonio Nieto Escalante, to meet this week with the Government and Department Planning Secretariat, Corponariño, and deputies from the Departmental Assembly.

During the meeting with the various departmental and municipal authorities, the IGAC has sought to highlight the importance of a better occupation of Colombian territory, through the implementation of some associative forms to streamline the development of the Territorial Management Plans. Currently, of the 64 municipalities of the Nariños department, 88% have Land Management Schemes, 6% Basic Land Management Plan, 3% have Land Management Plans and the remaining 3% of the municipalities have no plans.

According to Nieto Escalante, “land management is a vital tool for national development and an institutional opportunity to demonstrate the IGAC”s ability to contribute for a better occupation of the territory. Thus, we complement the important work of cadastres, agrological studies and cartography, and we can also make presence throughout the whole nation with the powerful tools contained in the law 338 of 1997 and in the Ley Orgánica de Ordenamiento Territorial (Code Law for Land Management).” Two months ago the IGAC launched the Center for Cartographic Production project of the Pacific region in Colombia.

Source: IGAC