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IGAC offers course on GIS fundamentals

August 29 is the deadline for those wishing to apply for the course Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems, offered by the Geographic Institute Agustín Codazzi.

The course lasts 40 hours and will include two modules:

Cartography Principles and GIS Fundamentals

Map projections;

Coordinate systems;

Concept of scale;

GIS fundamentals;

Representing and structuring spatial data;

Data entry, storage and edition;

Design of graphical outputs.

– Practices

Data preparation;

Georeferencing information;

Data capture and inconsistencies check(spatial and attributes);

Management of import formats, generation of basic and thematic information outputs, and generation of export formats.


P$300,000 (Colombians)

U$ 170 (Foreigners)

To apply for this course, complete the admission form and send it by email to [email protected] along with the copy of your academic degree, identification document and a photograph. More information: Tel 3694086.

Source: IGAC