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iFinder’s MapCreate 6 mapping software.

Lowrance Electronics has added new navigation aids with Points-of-Interest and Interstate Exit Services databases in the new MapCreate(tm) Series 6 software release that includes two CDs: “USA East” and “USA West” covering the 48 contiguous states and Hawaii. MapCreate custom mapping is designed to enhance the exclusive, detailed background map provided with all Lowrance mapping GPS products.

Coupled with the Lowrance innovation to create and save high detail mapping data to memory cards for chartplotter display, the new MapCreate Series 6 gives navigators greatest latitude in detail, control, flexibility and versatility in creating custom electronic charts. Most of all, MapCreate affords incredible economy, allowing the user to create unlimited custom charts of any region, of any size, anytime – without unlock codes or added cost – for an extremely affordable one-time price.

The new MapCreate Series 6 now includes an expansive, searchable Points-of-Interest database to easily locate/identify marinas and boating related services, airports, hotels, restaurants, emergency services and more. The new Interstate Exit Services feature includes important inland
travel stops for such as dining, lodging, fuel and auto/truck services.

The new databases compliment the comprehensive, detailed MapCreate mapping features that include rivers, lakes, tributaries, as well as over 60,000 critical navigation aids and 10,000 wrecks and obstructions in U.S. coastal and Great Lakes waters. Land based features covering rural roads, cities and towns, railways, interstate/federal/state highways, searchable street
intersections or addresses, and even national parks and wildlife preserves are included for truly versatile navigation applications.

MapCreate Series 6 is compatible with all Lowrance mapping GPS units with slots that accept ultra small, rewritable Multi-Media Card or Secure Digital memory cards, which are widely available in stores and online, in up to 128 MB memory capacities.

Using a personal computer and card reader/interface, users simply create any custom electronic chart, save it to memory card, and load it into any compatible Lowrance chartplotter for navigational display. MapCreate also features a unique “cookie cutter” map chooser feature that allows users to carve out mapping regions in virtually any size or shape, which serves to
maximize the usability of memory card space.