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IDV Solutions Releases Silverlight Map Viewer

USA – IDV Solutions has created a first-of-its-kind Silverlight 2.0 map viewer for Virtual Earth using Microsoft’s new Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology. Silverlight 2.0 offers a number of great benefits including fast graphic rendering, compatibility with a .Net development environment, and will allow for more visualization capabilities within IDV Solutions’ Visual Fusion Suite®.

The IDV map viewer is built on Silverlight Beta 2 using Microsoft Expression Blend and Visual Studio. The demonstration incorporates best practices for map display, as well as drawing and editing map content with the ability to output annotation as KML. The globe rotation option also provides another degree of freedom for navigation and drawing.

“The move to Silverlight fits perfectly with our goal to empower the enterprise to build visually compelling location- and time-based mash-ups and composite applications for real competitive advantage,” said Scott Caulk, Visual Fusion Product Manager at IDV Solutions.

This Silverlight map viewer demo is the first in IDV’s planned series of Silverlight mapping application demonstrations. IDV Solutions looks to incorporate Silverlight 2.0 into their product, Visual Fusion Experience®, once Silverlight 2.0 is released. View the Silverlight Map Viewer demo at https://silverlight.idvsolutions.com.