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Gothenburg, Sweden–The Swedish software company Idevio announced that Ericsson Mobile Maps, a new service from the telecom supplier Ericsson, is powered by map technology from Idevio.

Ericsson Research has selected Idevio’s map technology for their new developer tool, Ericsson Mobile Maps, available for download at the recently launched portal Ericsson Labs. Ericsson Labs is a concept for open innovation where Ericsson provides both users and developers the opportunity to interact and play with new ideas and prototypes.
The Mobile Maps toolkit, is based on Idevio’s patented map technology RaveGeo and is already in use in exciting apps such as the PhotoCaching game. The toolkit is easy to work with and plays well with phones with support for Java ME.

Ericsson Mobile Maps powered by Idevio enables developers to build rich mobile applications with an integrated map display and functionalities such as dynamic zoom, pan, address search and directions. The map technology used for the Mobile Maps is the same as utilised in Locago, Idevio’s open mobile map service, with more than 600 000 users throughout the world.