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Idevio to supply map software to Alcatel Alenia Space

Gothenburg, Sweden, 20 September 2006: The Swedish software company Idevio announced on September 20 that Alcatel Alenia Space has appointed Idevio as the supplier of map software for their next generation of fleet management systems.

This first order secures tools for product development and client demonstrations. According to Alcatel Alenia Space, considerable subsequent orders are expected in the coming months.

Idevio map products are based upon a new compression and streaming method, which reduces the size of map databases by 90-95% and improves access speed and network performance. Idevio and Alcatel Alenia Space will also sign a Memorandum of Understanding making Idevio the preferred partner of Alcatel Alenia Space for years to come.

– Alcatel Alenia Space-
Alcatel Alenia Space is involoved in European space technology: from navigation to telecommunications, from meteorology to environmental monitoring, from defense to science and observation. The company is owned by Alcatel (67%) and Finmeccanica (33%).

– Idevio-
Idevio delivers mapping, geocoding and routing software based on RaveGeo – the award-winning compression and streaming technology. Tools from Idevio empower defense, mobile and internet applications on everything from workstations to handheld devices. Idevio offers both software components and OEM solutions.