Home Business Awards IDELIX wins “Imaging Solution of the Year” from Advanced Imaging Magazine

IDELIX wins “Imaging Solution of the Year” from Advanced Imaging Magazine

IDELIX Software has announced that Pliable Display Technology
(PDT) has been recognized as the “Imaging Solution of the Year” by Advanced Imaging Magazine.

IDELIX will be showcasing PDT at the West 2003 Conference, on
until January 16th at the San Diego Convention Center (Booth #1337). Official announcement of this award will be made in the January issue of Advanced Imaging

“The recipients of the annual ‘Imaging Solution of the Year’ award are selected
by the editorial team of Advanced Imaging for technical excellence, solutions, expertise and imaging difficulty,” states Len Yencharis, Editor-in-Chief of Advanced Imaging Magazine. “We chose IDELIX from the more than two hundred and fifty entries because they not only met the technical challenge with a workable
solution, but they also provided the industry with a forward-looking technology that can be easily deployed today.”

IDELIX was nominated by Boeing Autometric, who integrated PDT within their SoftPlotter and KDSPT softcopy photogrammetry products. “With PDT, our
customers are reporting a 20% efficiency gain within the manual workflow processes of photogrammetric vector collection and terrain editing from aerial
and satellite imagery,” says Todd Ham, Product Manager for Boeing Autometric.

“Performance improvements of this magnitude are unprecedented in a field as mature as manual feature collection in imagery.”