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IDELIX Software Inc. raises $1.5 million in second round financing

IDELIX Software Inc., leaders in the field of Information Visualization, has announced that they have closed on a private placement financing totaling approximately $1.5 Million Cdn. This second round of financing was led by existing investors Discovery Capital Corporation and Exceptional Technologies Fund 5 (VCC) Inc., Fractal Capital, Velo Fund, and individual investors including incoming CEO Bijan Sanii along with several prominent BC technology industry entrepreneurs.

This financing will enable IDELIX to broadly execute its sales and partnering initiatives surrounding their core technology, Pliable Display Technology (PDT). PDT is a lens display technology that addresses the user interface challenge of working with high-density data and images on a limited size screen display by enabling “detail-in-context” viewing and editing.

Current market opportunities for PDT include: Handheld and Wireless Devices, Defense, Digital Imaging, Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing, Electronic Media, Computer Aided Design, Medical Imaging, and Electronic Games. Part of the universal appeal of PDT is the flexibility of the PDT Software Development Kit – It is data format and platform independent
working on raster, vector, and text data in a variety of application areas including images, maps, graphs, hierarchy models, object models, and text.