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IDELIX releases LookLOCAL beta 2

Vancouver, Canada, 19 January 2007 – IDELIX Software Inc. has announced the release of LookLOCAL beta 2, one of the most comprehensive public online mapping sites available on the Web. New features in this release include access to a comprehensive network of traffic cameras, listings for top global travel destinations, and the ability to represent multimedia files in a personalized map-based view.

LookLOCAL ) is a collection of online resources, and includes:

– Access to all of the maps, imagery, and location information from Windows Live Local, Google Maps, and Yahoo! Local Maps through one seamless interface. Search results, directions, and imagery can now be compared to find the best available.

– Traffic incident reports and live traffic cam feeds so you can plan your commute. LookLOCAL provides access to the most comprehensive collection of traffic cameras across North America and the UK.

– A unique one-stop way to explore and book the best global vacation destinations as picked by travel industry experts. Via our collection of “best of” destinations, users can explore regions at-a-glance to find the world’s most popular and scenic golf courses, beaches, resorts and more.

“We are moving aggressively to facilitate the creation, sharing, and presentation of rich, multimedia content within a Web-based geospatial application,” stated IDELX Chief Technical Officer Dr. David Baar. “The addition of KML placemarks to LookLOCAL is our first step towards creating a site where users can truly customize and share their view of information that is both timely and pertinent. There is a great deal of information available on the Web that can be mined, filtered, and aggregated in real time to a single, location-centric representation that is relevant to the user.”

LookLOCAL users can customize their map view and add multimedia content via the “Add a KML placemark file” feature. KML is a simple method of adding content onto a map and sharing it on LookLOCAL or Google Earth. You can try LookLOCAL by visiting . You can also connect straight to LookLOCAL from MS Outlook or Firefox using the extensions that are available as a free download at .

– About IDELIX
IDELIX Software specializes in the design and integration of advanced user interface technologies for visual information. IDELIX has developed a patented body of technology based on Pliable Display Technology (PDT), a user interface technology for interaction with 2D and 3D visual information. IDELIX is also advancing the use of PDT in Web 2.0 Internet platforms such as AJAX and Adobe

– About Pliable Display Technology (PDT)
PDT gives users new tools to view and manipulate visual data more effectively and efficiently. It is the ideal solution for drawing a user’s attention to regions of interest without obscuring important adjacent surroundings, particularly when working with large collections of information cluttered with multiple points of interest. PDT is also well suited for highlighting associations or relationships between data from multiple sources. For example, you can choose to view satellite or hybrid data through the PDT lens but retain your awareness of location by displaying the map view outside the lens.