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IDELIX releases EagleView Image Viewer for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices

Vancouver, 20 December 2006 – IDELIX Software Inc. has announced the release of EagleView, a new JPIP image-viewing client designed for the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system and optimized for Palm’s Treo 700W series smartphones. IDELIX has also launched a Firefox toolbar extension for LookLOCAL to further simplify online mapping tasks.

EagleView is designed to optimize the wavelet compression and transmission capabilities of the JPEG 2000 standard. In the bandwidth-constrained architecture of most smartphones and PDAs, users can quickly retrieve and view a low-resolution version of large images stored on a remote server.

EagleView includes Pliable Display Technology (PDT), a patented visualization technology from IDELIX. PDT complements the JPEG 2000 standard to provide a reduction in bandwidth usage when compared to other image client-server architectures, while allowing the user to maximize the use of limited screen real estate.

A PDT lens can be positioned over an area of interest within an image and magnified to a higher resolution of detail. Only the higher resolution detail in the area defined by the boundaries of the PDT lens will be decompressed from the JPEG 2000 file, not the entire image. The result is reduced bandwidth requirement, more efficient navigation, and controlled accessibility to relevant information.

LookMOBILE, a PDT-enabled image viewer for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices will be released in January as a beta on IDELIX Labs . The application features a new Windows Mobile specific UI design for PDT on small touch screens and allows users to view and annotate JPEG, Windows Bitmap, and TIFF image file formats.

With a new release of LookLOCAL anticipated in January, the team has released a Firefox extension for LookLOCAL to further simplify the online mapping experience for users. The Firefox toolbar is available as a free download from IDELIX Labs at .

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