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IDELIX announces strategic partnership with Boeing Autometric

IDELIX Software Inc. has announced a licensing agreement with Boeing Autometric that will integrate Pliable Display Technology,(PDT), into future versions of Autometric’s data production and mapping products. This commitment ensures the benefits of PDT will be made available to all users of Autometric’s Kork Digital Stereo
Plotter (KDSP) and SoftPlotter products.

Pliable Display Technology (PDT) is a lens display technology that is changing the way information is displayed on a variety of platforms ranging from PC’s, Internet and handheld/wireless applications. Developed by
IDELIX, PDT addresses the user interface challenge of working with high-density data sets and images on a limited size screen display by enabling detail-in-context viewing and editing.

The announcement of this strategic partnership embarks on the IDELIX mandate to embed PDT within the world’s leading software applications. PDT adds unique capabilities to Digital Imaging, Geographic Information Systems &
Remote Sensing, Seismic, Medical Imaging, Handheld and Wireless Devices, Computer Aided Design, Electronic Media, In-Vehicle Navigation and Electronic Games. PDT is data format independent and hosts an Application
Programming Interface that supports all common operating systems.