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IDELIX announces new CEO

Vancouver, Canada, 10 July 2006: The board of directors of IDELIX Software Inc. announced today that they have named Philip Attfield as the company’s new CEO. He will be operating from the IDELIX U.S. office. Attfield was a founder of Signal 9 Solutions and acted as its CEO until January 2000, at which time the company was acquired by McAfee.com.

Signal 9 Solutions pioneered personal firewalls and produced the world’s first mass-market, Common Criteria certified product of its kind. Since Signal 9, he has acted as a facilitator at numerous G8 Cybercrime workshop sessions, led a team of security experts in the development of an infrastructure-scale authorization framework at Boeing Phantom Works, served as an expert witness for the U.S. Department of Justice in the investigation and courtroom prosecution of a complex, multi-national cyber-crime, and most recently held the position of President of the Northwest Security Institute, a Seattle-based non-profit organization.

IDELIX specializes in the design and integration of Pliable Display Technology (PDT), an advanced user interface for detail-in-context data viewing and manipulation. PDT aids comprehension by enhancing data visualization and interaction, de-cluttering multi-layered geospatial imagery, maps, video, Web and other converged content. IDELIX improves the way that businesses and individuals view, edit and interact with information.