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IDEAL Launches RasterID

IDEAL.com launches RasterID, intelligent Title Block contents recognition software with built-in, break through OCR technology, and application hooks for third party developers. RasterID provides a solution to the bottleneck problem of indexing hundreds and thousands of drawings during and after the scanning process. RasterID is targeted to the AEC, CAD, Manufacturing, GIS, and Reprographics industries.

Title Block Extraction:
RasterID automatically extracts title block information from scanned drawings to an archiving database such as Access. The archiving data can also be pulled into Excel or saved as raw text (comma delimited). Scanned drawings are indexed by information contained in the drawing’s title block. For instance, a drawing can be indexed by project, designer, date of drawing, etc. In addition, the user can customize or define the fields based on specific requirements. Since indexing is automatic, the user only needs to view and check the results for quality control purposes.

The main features of RasterID are:

  • Automatic recognition of drawing title block fields
  • User can define fields from which data is exported
  • Recognized text from selected fields is automatically exported
  • Perform batch clean-up operations while extracting title block information
  • Trainable OCR capability
  • Can automatically recognize different title blocks in one batch process

    Raster Clean-up Tools:
    RasterID has full-featured raster clean up and editing tools including deskewing, despeckling, rotating, mirroring, etc. In addition, RasterID has built-in OCR with character training capability for those hard to read letters and numbers. It supports all IDEAL/Contex large format scanners and any scanners supported by TWAIN. The monochrome file formats supported include TIFF, BMP, RLC, CALS Raster, C4, and TG4.

    Third Party Toolkit:
    Third-party developers will get a full set of tools to integrate RasterID technology to their application. A developer’s license of RasterID includes full source VisualBasic code of RasterID application. All features of RasterID application are available for customization. Developers can use all of RasterID functions including Title Block recognition, Raster Processing, built-in OCR engine and combine them with custom development.

    Document Management Tool:
    RasterID is compatible with IDEAL’s IntraNETIX, browser-based document management software. Archive existing paper drawings and CAD files for easy retrieval to your company’s intranet or to the Internet. Index and view existing paper drawings and CAD files using a standard browser.