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IDEAL introduces new “Scan-to-CAD” version 5.0 scanning system

IDEAL.com Introduces a “Scan-to-CAD” Version 5.0 Scanning System for scanning, organizing, network viewing, and editing large format scanned drawings. This “Scan-to-CAD” system is targeted to Architects, Engineers, and Construction industries and includes more functionality to leverage drawing images and data enterprise wide.

IDEAL.com’s “Scan-to-CAD” Verison 5.0 Scanning System consists of an IDEAL 40″ wide monochrome scanner with scanning, indexing, intelligent raster editing, and network viewing software. Users can scan and index in one step for easy retrieval. Once the drawings are scanned, users can edit these raster images with the same ease that they edit vector images. The search and replace capabilities recognize arbitrary raster symbols and match them against predefined templates. The new “Scan-to-CAD” Scanning System allows immediate network viewing of the
scanned images using a standard web-browser. This new “Scan-to-CAD” system has little impact on network traffic.