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IDEAL.com releases WiseImage Pro GEO 7.0

IDEAL.com has announced the release of WiseImage Pro GEO version 7.0. IDEAL is the exclusive North American Distributor for WiseImage Pro GEO developed by Csoft in Norway. Bundled with any IDEAL/Contex large format scanner, WiseImage Pro GEO makes a GIS system that combines fast, high accuracy, full color, scanning technology with the most powerful raster drawing editor and raster-to-vector converter customized for the cadastral and GIS market.

WiseImage Pro GEO is a standalone raster processing application customized for the cadastral and geo market. The application has advanced tools for handling maps, the unique raster to vector technology, a Windows XP-style interface and support for VBS and _JavaScript. WiseImage Pro GEO is a solution for customers who work with both raster and vector data. In WiseImage Pro GEO the user can utilize the power of the raster-vector imagery editor and the raster to contour converter using a fantastic set of original geo focused processing tools including the ability to develop custom scripts. Multiple raster images can be loaded and the number of images handled simultaneously is virtually unlimited. WiseImage Pro GEO allows editing, updating, and converting (both semi-automatically and automatically) of scanned maps, parcel maps, plans, aerial photography, sketches, and other raster graphics to vector data.