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IDBI offers GIS enabled map guide to the nearest ATM through MMS

IDBI offers web enables GIS maps of the nearest bank ATM on the mobile phones. Those mobile phones should be GPRS enabled to download GIS enabled MMS. So, if one is clueless in Kolkata and searching for the nearest bank ATM, help is at hand. IDBI Bank has come up with a new customer service application using MMS, wherein people can download ATM location maps on their mobile phones. These maps will be available to all mobile phone users irrespective of the mobile service provider. The only pre-requisite is an MMS-enabled handset and a GSM data or GPRS enabled SIM card. This is a ‘first in the world’ from IDBI Bank. This service uses cutting edge technology to meet the customer’s evolving needs. As this service is not restricted to IDBI Bank customers, it will enable all debit and credit card holders to easily locate IDBI Bank’s ATMs, which accept any type of debit or credit cards. The bottomline is to empower the customer through technology, so that he can manage his relationship with the bank through the channel of his choice with utmost comfort.

The procedure to download the GIS enabled map is simple. The customer first sends an SMS to a standard number, which is 98205 07000. The keyword to be sent is ATM, then a space and the first four letters of the location, for example to get the map for Nariman Point one needs to send “ATM Nari” to the number. To get a list of all available maps and keywords in the city, one can send the city name – send “Mumbai” to the number, or get it off the Internet at . This service is operator independent and this has been made possible by IDBI Bank setting up its own MMSC (Multimedia Messaging Service Centre). With location-based service offerings from mobile operators round the corner, these kinds of services will be the killer applications in the MMS world.