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IcoMap for ArcGIS v2.0 and Pen scanner now available

Madison, WI -IcoMap for ArcGIS v2.0, the latest release from UCLID Software, has been fine-tuned for fast and accurate parcel mapping. The IcoMap extension features an exceptional ten-key COGO package and unique Text-to-Vector technology for converting scanned documents into ESRI ArcGIS features. IcoMap users have reported amazing timesavings with an average 84% increase in productivity. Free trial software is available at https://www.uclid.com.

The latest release of IcoMap for ArcGIS works with two new products available from UCLID. Swipe It! for ArcGIS, an attribute-editing tool can be used in conjunction with IcoMap. Swipe It! reduces tedious data entry of attribute information.

The IcoPenT is another new product that works with IcoMap for ArcGIS. This handheld pen scanner can be used to convert large paper maps into ArcGIS features and eliminates the problems associated with large scanners.

The IcoMap for ArcGIS product is an extension for ArcMap so users of ArcView, ArcEditor and ArcInfo are able to use it. IcoMap has received numerous awards, and even claimed the 2001 National New Product Award from the National Society of Professional Engineers.

UCLID Software LLC was founded in March 1998 in Madison, Wisconsin. UCLID develops and distributes the IcoMap product suite to GIS professionals, surveyors, civil engineers and title insurance professionals. UCLID is an Authorized Business Partner and Authorized Developer for ESRI.