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IcoMap 4.0 launched by Extract Systems

18 August 2006: Extract Systems, formerly known as UCLID Software, a developer of mapping software, solutions for automated data entry, officially announced the release of IcoMap 4.0. The IcoMap upgrade includes many user-requested features, including: Dynamic Input Grid to edit bearing or distance calls prior to completing a feature; Constantly displayed monitor of the current closing distance error and direction; Closure Error Report of any parcel generated instantly with one click; Native support for PDF documents and most TIF compressions; and True concurrent “floating” licensing compatible with ESRI’s licensing model.

As an ArcGIS extension, IcoMap uses a combination of mathematical content recognition, advanced 10-key COGO shortcuts and an intuitive user interface that allow users to quickly turn scanned legal descriptions or maps into parcel polygons in GIS whether they are using ArcView, ArcEditor or ArcInfo.

IcoMap is used at all levels of government from state and federal agencies to county and local municipalities. It has also proven an effective tool for private GIS and survey firms and title insurance companies. IcoMap v.4.0 is available for download and purchase now. IcoMap for ArcGIS v.4.0 Workstation License starts at $4,000; IcoMap for ArcGIS v.4.0 Floating License starts at $6,750.