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ICIMOD releases mobile app for disaster reporting

Nepal: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and Kathmandu University, Nepal, have launched an Android application that allows users to report disaster events, along with other essential information, such as, impact and immediate relief requirements. The users will get an option to select the type of disaster event — building damage, fire, landslide or public utility damage — and they will also be able to report the extent of damage, number of people injured, along with current need in the field. The developers plan to add a feature called ‘geofence’ to the app, which will be used to define virtual geographical boundaries and send alerts and notifications to users. Details of any incidents reported can be visualised on an interactive Web map at the address:

“The app can be used by government and nongovernmental organisations for field data collection for long-term planning for rebuilding and reconstruction, disaster assessment, relief distribution and overall disaster management.”

— Shashish Maharjan, the main coordinator of the application development

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Rajan Bajracharya, Associate System Specialist at ICIMOD, adds, “The primary objective of the system is to provide operational software tools to respond during disaster, emergency and non-emergency situations. With the way it has been received by users so far, I think we have been successful in achieving our objective.”

Source: ICIMOD