ICI launches S3iGeo, which allows mapping of government information in real time

ICI launches S3iGeo, which allows mapping of government information in real time


The Curitiba Institute of Informatics offers a new service for public management , which uses geo-technology to aggregate information from multiple systems and databases from a county in thematic maps . The S3iGeo allows overlapping maps and cross-reference information in real time to improve planning and monitoring actions of public officials .Wagner Society Correia , service manager and project management of ICI , explains that the solution in web platform integrates features georeferencing to allow spatial analysis of events and government information.

“Different maps with information generated from various transactional systems , can be loaded with details that show both the location of points of wi- fi , public works or equipment for making decisions detailing spaces, lots of pictures local and even tax information , progress of works or historical occurrences of demands for public services , “adds Wagner.

A major advantage of using S3iGeo is the ability to generate and analyze maps and information from anywhere with internet access . The public manager can know in detail what happens in each municipality work or installation on site or remotely, without the need to be at the office itself or office. It is ideal for municipal administration when the question ” where? ” Is relevant to decision making , as in that district or region perform more works or expand services available to the population tool.

Another advantage of S3iGeo is to integrate the maps with the already installed base of any municipality that use the service . Presents features similar to those used by large capital , but the cost is compatible with budget prefectures of smaller municipalities . And there is no specific license for use of the tool . This ensures increased number of users without increasing costs .

Access control for each user can also be set from a mayor with all the information to the county administrator or a regional public server with information regarding only , the own field .This type of application is already used in specific demands , but the integration of various systems and databases with thematic maps in real time is an innovation that ICI has to supply the lack of public managers for more robust and complex analysis solutions and strategic planning.

Source: Geodireito