New Delhi, India, 12 September 2006: IBM unveiled on September 12 the business finder technology; a real-time presence based mobile resources management technology developed by IBM’s India Research Laboratory. The business finder technology empowers a consumer to find and use the nearest, most highly rated and available service vendors.

IBM India Research Laboratory, Director Dr Daniel M Dias said: “The business finder technology combines sophisticated GIS applications and data analysis with mobile telephone networks to provide information, wherever and whenever, to a consumer who is looking for a specific near-by service.”

The technology also offers a live and dynamic ‘yellow pages’ for consumers who use mobile phones. It provides uniform search capability over both ‘mobile’ businesses and vendors such as taxis and plumbers and ‘static’ businesses and vendors including stores and gas stations.

The underlying technology allows telecommunications service providers to track and update data sources including mobility, presence and reputation of service vendors. In addition to service industries, the technology also has a potential to be applied to other industries including transportation and logistics, utilities, healthcare and manufacturing.

In the former case, it can be marketed by the operator as a differentiating value-added service to its consumer base. In the latter case, the business finder application would be a third-party service that draws its consumer base and its mobile vendor workforce from a number of telecommunications operators.