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IBM CTO envisages smart city concept for India

New Delhi, India: As cities get smarter, Guruduth Banavar, CTO, Global Public Sector, IBM, explains how technology can be integrated to the very fabric of urban India. In conversation with The Economic Times, the Bangalorean described how technology can be intertwined with the people to build a smart city.

Citing the success of IBM’s ‘Real Time Crime Centre’ for New York, Banavar said such concept could also be implemented in Delhi. A lot of sensors are installed on the streets of Delhi which provides the volume of traffic that is moving on the roads. Also, most buses and metros have GPS devices installed in them. IBM could collect this information from different sources and integrate it, he suggested.

“We can analyse the demand for mobility — how many people are going from which point to which point; what is the volume of people; buses and taxis and everything else,” he said, adding, “Once you understand mobility patterns, you can do lots of things. You can figure out how to manage traffic, you can direct traffic where there is less congestion, you can even change road dynamics.”

Banavar also recommended development of a ‘Real Time Corruption Centre’ for India. A website will be developed whereby, every time someone takes bribe will get highlighted. The website will draw attention to when and where an act of corruption took place. Banavar said that this will promote a fair and transparent government.

Source: Economic Times