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IBM CEO predicts big data future

 Virginia Rometty, CEO of IBMUS: Virginia Rometty, CEO of IBM, has outlined her company’s vision of how mobile services and enterprise technology will be revolutionised through the use of big data in Mobile World Live keynote. “I think this is both an exciting time but this is also a disruptive time for everyone in industry. Data is now the world’s new natural resource and will become a key competitive advantage for every industry. I think we will look back at this time and see data as a resource that drove the twenty-first century,” said Rometty.

In addition, cloud computing will change how services are delivered, while social and mobile technology is already impacting how people engage with businesses and each other. With these shifts, companies will need to offer speed, personalisation and security and trust to meet customers’ expectations — with analytics playing a major role. Rometty predicted a new era of cognitive computing, which IBM aims to drive by offering its Watson supercomputing capabilities to businesses and developers via the cloud.

Source: Mobileworldlive