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IBM bullish on environmental business

Las Vegas, US: The need to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and the reliability of utilities has created a multi-billion dollar market opportunity for IBM, along with new job opportunities for IT professionals, according to Steve Mills, Senior Vice President and Group Executive, IBM Software and Systems, Computerworld reported.

IBM is developing systems that can turn vast amounts of data collected by sensors, GPS and RFID systems in buildings and infrastructure systems into information that can be acted on to save energy and improve efficiency. The new systems are part of an environmentally-focused IBM business line aimed at a potential mega-market.

The enterprise vendor has positioned its initiatives under its broad “Smarter Planet” label, a prominent theme at the IBM Pulse Conference in Las Vegas. Although the name and its Earth-logo in particular, may hint at climate change activism, it is all business to Steve Mills.

“We didn’t start this out with the idea of establishing some sort of environmental beachhead, but rather a recognition that you can use technology in very creative ways to make physical world systems more efficient and effective and in doing so you may have a positive environmental impact,” said Mills.

Source: Computerworld