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IBISWorld publishes report on surveying and mapping

US: IBISWorld has recently published Surveying & Mapping Services in the US – Industry Market Research Report. This industry market research report provides a detailed analysis of the surveying and mapping services in the US industry, including key growth trends, statistics, forecasts, the competitive environment including market shares and the key issues facing the industry. The key statistics chapter provides the key indicators for the industry for at least the last three years. The statistics included are industry revenue, industry gross product, employment, establishments, exports, imports, domestic demand and total wages.

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in performing surveying and mapping services of the surface of the earth, including the sea floor. These services may include surveying and mapping of areas above or below the surface of the earth, such as the creation of view easements or segregating rights in parcels of land by creating underground utility easements.

This report has been divided into seven chapters.  The market characteristics chapter covers market size, linkages, demand determinants, domestic and international markets, basis of competition and life cycle. The segmentation chapter covers products and service segmentation, major market segments, industry concentration and geographic spread. The industry conditions chapter covers barriers to entry, taxation, industry assistance, regulation and deregulation, cost structure, capital and labour intensity, technology and systems, industry volatility and globalisation.

The performance chapter provides an analysis of both the industry’s current performance and historical performance. The current performance section provides the key analysis for the industry over the past five years with key performance indicators discussed. The historical performance section details previously important events in the development of the industry. The key competitors chapter lists the major players in the industry as well as an analysis of each major player’s activities in the industry.

The key factors chapter covers the industry’s key sensitivities and key success factors. The key sensitivities section outlines the key factors that are outside the control of an operator in the industry, but are likely to have significant impact on a business. The key success factors section details the factors within the control of an industry operator and which should be followed in order to be successful in the industry. Often this will include behaviour that will help to minimize the effects of the key sensitivities.

The Outlook chapter is a key analysis section of the report and outlines expectations for the key industry indicators over the next five year period, including forecasts.

Source: companiesandmarkets.com