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iASPEC receives ESRI Business Partner Award

Shenzhen City, China, October 19, 2007: China Public Security Technology, Inc., provider of public security information technology and GIS software services, announced that its exclusive contracting partner, Shenzhen (iASPEC) Software Engineering Company Limited (“iASPEC”), has been granted a “2007 Business Partner Award” at the 2007 China Conference ESRI.

iASPEC is the exclusive strategic partner of China Public Security, which has independently conducted many GIS projects, including the Public Security Department’s GIS system of Guangdong Province, the Public Security Bureau’s GIS systems of Shenzhen City, as well as the Public Security Bureau’s GIS projects of Zhuhai City, Shantou City and FoShan City. Currently, some of the technological index of iASPEC’s Police Geographic Information System platform has been successfully entered in the standard candidate list of the National Public Security Police GIS system and has the chance to be adopted as standard to be promoted to the whole country in future.

“We are very pleased that our exclusive strategic partner, iASPEC, had the honor of receiving this title,” said Mr. Jiang Huai Lin, China Public Security’s CEO. “We believe that this award demonstrates our solid technological leadership in the GIS field in China, and also increases our visibility among customers,” commented Mr. Lin.