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i2 and ESRI to offer Geo-Intelligence solution

US: A new solution announced at the Department of Defense Intelligence Information Systems (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference. It aims to provide innovative analysis capabilities for human terrain mapping, better arming them for current and future counter insurgency (COIN) and anti-terrorism operations to defence and intelligence personnel.

i2 and ESRI are collaborating to release several modules in the coming months, including the ESRI Foundation Module for i2’s Analyst’s Notebook: a geospatial analysis tool with a host of military, intelligence, law enforcement and civilian applications.

The ESRI Foundation module for Analyst’s Notebook embeds some of ArcGIS’s powerful geospatial analysis capabilities, into Analyst’s Notebook, i2’s best-of-breed analytic solution. This will create a unique, dynamic and flexible platform for sharing and exploiting the full range of geospatial and intelligence data.  It will allow users to efficiently and effectively analyse and visualise in time and space their mission critical intelligence within the Analyst’s Notebook platform.

Guillaume Tissot, Vice President (Product Marketing), i2, said, “Human terrain mapping is an increasingly essential tool for ongoing counter insurgency efforts in defence operations. Understanding and mapping the nuanced political, social, ethnic and religious networks in an area of operation is critical to COIN, and our collaboration with ESRI gives commanders and human terrain teams the best solution of its kind for accomplishing their mission.”

Lew Nelson, Industry Solutions Manager, ESRI, said, “Our joint customers can now engage in multi-dimensional data fusion — examining the geographic, relational and temporal elements of any problem concurrently.  ESRI’s geospatial analysis capabilities integrated into i2’s intelligence platform provides a solid foundation for an analytics-driven approach. From human terrain mapping in support of COIN efforts to intelligence-led policing and counter terrorism, the end result will help an organisation more effectively meet their mission.”

The ESRI Foundation for Analyst’s Notebook will be available to users at around the same time as the ESRI International User Conference in San Diego during July 12-19.

Source: PR Newswire