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I.S. Consulting releases MapDotNet Server 2007

Florida, USA, 20 March 2007: I.S. Consulting announced today the release of MapDotNet Server 2007. MapDotNet Server 2007 is a Web Services based GIS platform that enables enterprise developers to easily integrate GIS capabilities into web applications. The product is bundled with an SDK for developers that includes ASP.Net server controls and a complete GIS object model for use in Microsoft Visual Studio. MapDotNet provides organizations with the ability to quickly bring legacy spatial business data to the web for enterprise and consumer use. ISC has embraced the Web 2.0 movement by integrating complete support for Microsoft’s Virtual Earth API and AJAX for ASP.Net. This is the only commercial tile server for Virtual Earth, making it the bridge between an organization’s internal GIS and emerging web-based consumer mapping technology.

“We see a large and growing market for GIS in the enterprise services stack for commercial off-the-shelf products at a price point below $5K; while other comparable GIS platforms are still hovering around $30K,” says Brian Hearn, MapDotNet Server 2007 Architect. “ISC is first to deliver at this price point with MapDotNet Server, Microsoft .NET and Virtual Earth technology. While price is important, the expectation is still there for performance and a slick Web 2.0 experience. We call this GIS 2.0!”

Customers can download a 60 day free trial of MapDotNet Server immediately by visiting the MapDotNet Server site at www.mapdotnet.com. The Wiki on the website helps GIS developers get up and running rapidly. “We’ll continue to work closely with Microsoft’s Virtual Earth team to coordinate product development and expose customers to MapDotNet Server for Virtual Earth solution development. Providing support to Microsoft’s customers that want to explore what they can do with Virtual Earth is our top priority right now. MapDotNet Server is the .Net platform server for Virtual Earth integration and GIS,” said Mark Alexander, President of the Tallahassee based software company.