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i-cubed creates satellite mosaic of Middle East for media use Products

i-cubed, a geospatial engineering company based in Fort Collins, Colo., has developed a satellite image mosaic of the Middle East, including Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Syria, Jordan, and Israel/The West Bank with portions of Lebanon, The Gaza Strip, and Egypt. Designed for a variety of visualization and simulation applications, including print and broadcast media, the mosaic is being utilized by major news outlets and has been televised in conjunction with the EarthViewer.com system developed by Keyhole Inc. of Mountain View, Calif. The mosaic is available as a whole or by the square mile. This natural-color image mosaic provides a unique overview of geography, terrain and man-made features in the Middle East and is an excellent visual backdrop for print and television media. i-cubed created the mosaic by fusing 30-meter natural-color and 15-meter panchromatic Landsat 7 imagery. The resulting mosaic displays 15-meter natural-color imagery. The Iraq/Kuwait and Israel areas consist of 32 and four scenes, respectively. Bahrain was created with a single scene. Individual scenes were color balanced to create the final mosaic.

Users can view the imagery “draped” over 3D elevation models, allowing them to see the Earth’s topography. For example, Iraq can be viewed in low-resolution at the country level or in high-resolution at the city or street level for detailed views. i-cubed: information integration & imaging LLC of Fort Collins, Colo., is a premier provider of satellite imagery and aerial photography, image processing and spatial modeling services along with custom Internet-based GIS systems for data access and distribution. i-cubed’s client base includes many of the world’s largest wireless telecommunications companies, earth imaging satellite operators, government agencies and visualization/simulation companies. Since it’s founding in 1993, i-cubed has provided unsurpassed customer service and cost-effective solutions for its clients.