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Hyperspectral solution for Bauxite mining

South Africa: Hyperspectral surveys are an increasingly dominant means for guiding exploration for precious resources such as Bauxite, observed Southern Mapping, a geospatial solution provider. In a press statement, the company said, “The exploration for these targets is indirect: either secondary minerals are mapped, which are known to associate with these metals or the overall spatial distribution of certain target minerals can be used to highlight probable exploration areas.”

According to the press statement, mineral exploration is the dominant application for hyperspectral imagery. Globally, by the first quarter of 2009 over 60 mines spanning 12 European countries had utilised airborne hyperspectral technology.

The addition of hyperspectral imaging to the Southern Mapping portfolio of products, which include multispectral satellite imagery and airborne LiDAR, allows the company to provide end to end solutions to the mining, infrastructure and environmental sectors. By fusing hyperspectral image reflectance values into the intensity signal of their LiDAR points, Southern Mapping will be able to continue pushing the limits of technology and provide robust and innovative products.

Source: Southern Mapping