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Hyderabad municipal body puts up colony maps on the web

Locating houses in the city will be easy soon. The Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad (MCH) intends to put up locality maps with simplified house numbers on the internet.

This will especially benefit people visiting the city. The corporation authorities have prepared locality maps for all 254 localities in the city with the help of GIS. The maps will be printed after the physical verification and the exercise of fixing new house numbers plates are completed.

The MCH has prepared maps for the entire city – for each circle, ward and locality for multipurpose reasons. Once the locality maps are put up on the MCH website, locating houses will become easy because of the unique house numbers that will be given to each house.

The MCH has 35 administrative wards and are further divided into 236 blocks in the old system. The earlier house numbering system which was creating a lot of confusion was in the ward-block-house number series. In the new numbering system, a 14-digit code is given for each house as per locality, main roads, premises number and a by number given separately in the continuous series.

As part of the new house numbering exercise, the MCH has so far printed only the ‘Hill Fort’ locality map on a trial basis. The rest of the locality maps will be printed in a phased manner. Individuals and private organisations can also use them, Reddy said.

The MCH has also plans to put the maps with touch screen system in its offices like circles, wards or e-seva centres for public utility. These locality maps will also be useful for other departments like police, postal, telephones, census, elections, water supply and registrations.