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Hurricane Frances related maps and free software available now

Digital Engineering Corporation/Citygate GIS, developer of ESRI based commercial mapping software for emergency management and homeland security in partnership with Mapsolute GmbH. has made available on its web site online mapping with updated location information and population impact reports for the areas in Florida affected by Hurricane Frances. Mapsolute is the developer of the MapTP technology, which enables mapping applications in distributed environments such as Internet and mobile computing. Files containing the path of the hurricane are also available for download in ESRI Shape Format. Information can be found at www.digitalcorp.com/emaps.htm.

As with Hurricane Charley, Governmental organizations providing support to individual impacted by Hurricane Frances can also request free E-MAPS mapping software and the Florida statewide database. E-MAPS is a standalone application based on ESRI’s MapObjects technology. The software does not require any additional GIS software and includes all necessary map data. E-MAPS does not require any Internet connection and can easily be field installed on a moderately configured computer system.