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Huntsville Utilities selects Bentley s/w to implement multi-utility GIS

SAN DIEGO , USA– DistribuTECH – Bentley Systems, Incorporated announced that Huntsville Utilities, a multi-utility serving more than 300,000 people in Madison County, Ala., has implemented a new GIS using Bentley Water, Bentley Electric, Bentley Gas, and Bentley Geospatial Server. The new GIS will support design, asset management, and other geospatial workflows and replace a legacy system. The new system will be used by Huntsville engineers to substantially improve the productivity of more than 25 engineers, designers and technicians in the water, gas, and electric utilities. Huntsville Utilities will also use:

• Bentley Expert Designer Electric to increase productivity and better estimate costs in the electric distribution design department.
• Bentley Geospatial Server to deliver enterprise access to Oracle spatial data.
• WaterGEMS to model and analyse the utility’s water network to better manage water distribution and minimize water loss.

Commenting on the deployment, Jay C. Stowe, vice president of operations, Huntsville Utilities, said, “We have long recognised the need for a powerful GIS to support our business. The Bentley products, however, bring to the table a GIS capability designed specifically to support engineering workflows within a multi-utility. That means there is no trade-off between GIS functionality and the accuracy of CAD technology, and that we can manage all classes of infrastructure with the same GIS platform.”

By employing Bentley technology, Huntsville Utilities expects its new GIS to substantially improve not only engineering productivity, but also as-built data integrity and access to up-to-date engineering documentation through Bentley Geospatial Server. In time, the Bentley GIS will be integrated with the concurrent implementation of SAP.