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Hunt for innovative satellite navigation ideas

Germany: The seventh European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) has commenced its search for applications in satellite navigation at www.galileo-masters.eu. Until the end of July, innovators all over the world will have the chance to develop their ideas for new products and services based on satellite positioning.

In recent years, the ESNC has awarded ideas such as a real-time tour guide service for travellers; a satellite-based method for locating multiple avalanche victims quickly, precisely, and simultaneously; an integrated system for remote prenatal monitoring; a mobile, location-based game that turns players themselves into joysticks; and a system that combines satellite positioning with wind measurements and search-and-rescue dogs’ sense of smell.

This year’s competition includes six special topic prizes from partners in research and industry, the first special prize offered to students, and three prizes sponsored in cooperation with the European Network of Living Labs. T-Systems has joined with the European Space Agency (ESA) to award the GMES Masters prize to the best combination of dynamic earth observation data and satellite navigation. The two partners will help the winning team realise their idea in an innovation project.

Source: Galileo