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Hungarian expertise makes international transport safer in Karawanks

Lisbon: A 3D map of the tunnel in the Karawanks, a motorway tunnel crossing the Alpine Karawanks mountain range between Austria and Slovenia, has been made with the use of the modern geographical information systems and the contribution of Hungarian geodesic experts. The spatial model enables planning and designing of oversized road freights in a safe manner, leading to both the effectiveness and security of European international road transport. This was pointed out by the chief engineer of Geodézia Zrt in his presentation at the INSPIRE_Geospatial World Forum, which was held in Lisbon, from May 25-29, 2015.

Carriers do not need to search for a long by-pass between Austria and Slovenia for their oversized freight anymore, as the three dimensional map of the Karawanks tunnel helps the operator of the tunnel to determine for how long oversized freights can be allowed to drive through. Geodézia Zrt joined in the creation of the 3D map as the subcontractor of the Slovenian DFG Consulting.

In his presentation at the INSPIRE_GWF2015, Péter Csörgits, the chief engineer of Geodézia Zrt, said, “Thanks to our work on the assignment which we received in 2014, the road transport between Austria and Slovenia has become safer and more cost-effective. Our job was assisted by the most modern mobile remote sensing technologies, including the mobile laser scanner, which made the registration of 1.1 million spatial data per second possible.”

Source: Our correspondent