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Hungarian border guard deploys incident management and tracking system

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions today announced the Hungarian Border Guard Command and Control System (BOGCOS), based on Intergraph’s geospatial data management solution, has recently been deployed. The new geospatial intelligence system was implemented to assist the Hungarian Border Guard in meeting the new challenges and requirements for checks at common borders resulting from the Schengen Agreement and the accession to the European Union. The system supports control operations along the national boundary of Hungary, which is 93,000 square kilometers and inside the country on three operation levels –
district, regional and national.

Laszlo Niklasz, Project Director for BOGCOS at Geometria Ltd., the Intergraph Solution Center responsible for developing the application, remarked on the benefits of geospatially enabling BOGCOS. “We designed BOGCOS to be an efficient tool not only to track patrol vehicles and monitor the patrol activities in the field, but also to support the decision-making process of the operation officer at incidents. Geospatial data makes various essential contributions to incident management.”

Implemented using Intergraph’s proven GeoMedia(R) technology, BOGCOS is based on a geospatial management system that integrates resource and asset management and patrol dispatch and routing subsystems to manage incidents
and improve the decision-making process. Using the new system, the Hungarian
Border Control can:
— Reduce incident response time through rapid retrieval of relevant,
up-to-date information
— Facilitate the Border Guard’s work in catching illegal migrants
— Reduce operating costs of the Border Guard’s fleet
— Effectively manage the correct allocation of resources available during
an incident
— Determine affected zones concerning illegal migration incidents, thus
facilitating organization of patrol activity
— Support spatial analysis of crime and illegal migration
— Facilitate in tracking patrol vehicles in the field
— Facilitate scouting activity and navigation of patrols using the display
of a digital map and 3D surface model of the operation area.