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‘Human interoperability is a big challenge’

Rotterdam, The Netherlands: The major challenge of present day is that of human interoperability and not technological interoperability, said Prof Fraser Taylor of Carleton University, Canada. In his opening address at the pre-conference workshop on ‘Monetising geospatial value and practices’ at Geospatial World Forum 2013 here, Prof Taylor said it is both a challenge and an opportunity to understand the position of each of the stakeholders of geospatial community including academia, government, users and the private industry and create a new synergy.

If there is one issue on which stakeholders need to deliberate seriously, it is to understand the importance and adopt user driven approach, he said. Quoting several studies from across the world that quantified and brought out the socio-economic impact of geospatial implementation, Prof Taylor underscored the importance of strategic partnerships and understanding between various players of geospatial industry to reap the benefits.

Source: Our Correspondent

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