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Huge expectation from 3G services in India

Mumbai, India: Tele Atlas is expecting a growth in its business with the launch of 3G services by telcos in India. “In India, we are working on marketing strategies and acquiring number of clients and helping them to create an ecosystem of navigation and location-based services. We are trying to create global experience and platform into India and once the 3G services is launched the market will grow,” said Rajiv Chandra, Tele Atlas’ director – sales and marketing for Asia Pacific Consumer Market.

According to Chandra, the networks available in India are not so powerful compared to other regions due to the lack of GPS and as a result the telcos use the Cell ID approach and use SMS (short messaging service) with the local base stations rather than voice-based navigation applications.

“While in India, the use of digital maps and navigation applications and systems still remain very new to most users, there’s high level of network congestions due to the number of users. However, it would be better to use voice navigation applications as it is a new experience for users in India,” Chandra commented.

As telcos are facing the pressure from decreasing ARPUs (average revenue per users); they expect the launch of 3G services would help improve their revenue margins in the form of various new valued-added services (VAS), which also include the navigation- and location-based services.

Moreover, Chandra observed that India has a heterogeneous environment compared to other countries as different technologies are used by operators and also in those countries the operators have higher ARPUs due to high disposable incomes and so the adoption rate of VAS is higher.

In terms of technology, all the premium handsets support the digital mapping and navigation systems using the GPS technology. In addition, portable navigation devices (PNDs) and mobile devices are largely supported by GPS-based applications.

Source: CIOL