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Huami announces launch of new Amazfit Verge smart watch

US: Huami Corporation, a biometric and activity data-driven company with significant expertise in smart wearable technology, has announced the launch of the Amazfit Verge – the Amazfit smartwatch, that brings new, customizable features to the smart wearables industry. The Verge is the first watch of the new Amazfit smartwatch product line in addition to the existing smart sports watch product line.

The Verge offers many new and improved features to enrich the user experience including a 1.2G dual-core processor, running Huami Watch OS (WOS) based on the Android infrastructure with remarkable extensibility that allows downloads and operation of third-party Apps. The Verge also comes with a 1.3-inch full-color AMOLED round screen as well as optimized power consumption that provides an industry-leading five days of battery life on a single charge. More importantly, the Verge is capable of making and receiving phone calls directly via blue-tooth connected mobile phones and displaying real time messages, including WeChat and incoming phone call alerts, all of which allow users to more conveniently stay connected with their friends, family and business associates.

Xiaomi’s intelligent voice assistant (Xiao’ai) is built in to the Verge watch and allows users to interact with Xiaomi’s ecosystem IoT home devices, such as controlling Xiaomi TV, Mi Robot Vacuum, Xiaomi Air Purifier and others by voice control or simple screen touch, as well as getting more information from the IoT devices (fire alert, security alert and others). Furthermore, digital wallet functionality in conjunction with Union Pay and Alipay, combined with integrated one-touch public transportation payment in over 160 cities in China, help users capture the convenience of full digital transactions (through NFC and QR codes). The Verge can be also used as entrance access device utilizing NFC technology.

Moreover, enriched sports functionality, including advanced route tracking driven by GPS +GLONASS system supports 11 sport modes. Full-day heart rate recording makes the Verge a valuable training and performance-tracking tool. Additionally, the new self-developed heart rate sensor and powerful algorithms deliver enhanced heart rate monitoring accuracy as well as reduced power consumption. When an irregular heart rate is detected, the Verge will automatically send an alert to the user.

“The Verge represents a brand new product line for Amazfit and ideally supplements our successful and industry leading smart sport watch product line. The attractive price of 799RMB allows a large number of users to quickly enjoy the full-featured smart sport watch. More importantly, the watch can serve as a revolutionary game-changer in driving customers’ IoT smart home usage. This is the first time IoT device controller and major cities’ public transportation payment functionalities can be widely adopted in a wearable device,” said Wang Huang, Chairman and CEO of Huami Corporation. “This latest generation in the Amazfit product line provides users all the expected benefits and features of an advanced smart watch while also integrating intelligent assistant and payment technology that will simplify users’ everyday lives. We are excited to further build the Amazfit brand with continued technological innovation that will drive sales and deliver long-term shareholder value.”