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HTC might come up with its own mapping app

US: After Nokia did a good job with its own mapping solution which took several years of development, the rumor mill speculates that HTC is trying something similar.

A part of the exclusiveness aura the Nokia Lumia terminals have in the Windows Phone ecosystem is defined by a set of proprietary applications. Even though many of them also ended up on other Windows Phone-powered smartphones, Nokia didn’t hesitate and said several times that the best experience for applications like Nokia Maps or Nokia Drive will always be on the Nokia terminals.

It seems that HTC wants to try something similar on its own smartphones. Several sources confirmed that HTC wants to put a lot of efforts in its own mapping and navigation solution. It’s worth mentioning that these are not the first rumors that say that the Tawain-based company wants to penetrate a segment that is currently controlled by Google, Nokia, and on a small extent by Apple.

HTC Location was a Windows Phone application that, unfortunately, is no longer available in Microsoft’s virtual app store. Even though we can’t know yet whether HTC is planning to update the application, or will develop a new one from scratch, but the Taiwanese company seems decided to create a competitive solution.

Even though there are high chances for HTC’s mapping solution to see the light of day, it remains to be seen whether it will be available exclusively for Windows Phone, or if the Android users will also be able to enjoy it. Most of the times, initiatives like this one are very expensive, but considering the remarkable financial effort made last year with Beats, nothing should surprise us any more when we are talking about HTC.

Source: Android Geeks