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H?s First Multi-format Color Printer for CAD Professionals

For those technical professionals that work in a small business or home environment, such as CAD professionals, AEC professionals and students, as well as office professionals in architectural firms, interior design firms and engineering firms, wide-format and large-format printing are essential to staying competitive. However, a printer that offers high-quality output with the media flexibility to print out not only general office documents, but a variety of paper sizes for multiple applications can be difficult to acquire on a limited budget. With this in mind, HP has developed the HP Designjet 100, the first multi-format color printer on the market that combines large-format and wide-format capabilities into a single device. For price-sensitive users, the HP Designjet 100 provides the versatility to conduct color printing in-house on a wide range of papers and media sizes without sacrificing speed. Output can be up to 24-inches wide while offering exceptional print quality for graphics, office documents and line drawings.