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HP Navigator on Spime’s Hybrid LBS platform

India: Powered by Spime’s Hybrid LBS platform and Navteq content, HP is the first multi-device original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to launch a competitive location based solution under its own brand – HP Navigator – for Netbook, Notebook and Tablets PCs.

HP Navigator optimises the interaction between the device and cloud to power location, map, point of interests (POI), routing and navigation services competing with the leading Web based mapping service providers. The benefits to HP customers are they get location, mapping, POIs, textual routing and voice guided route simulation for free, even when the device is not connected to the Internet.

HP Navigator is available in North America, Latin America and in both Western and Eastern Europe in 19 languages. Map/ POI data, LBS platform, applications and text to speech engine are pre-installed on the device. Hence, they enable HP customers to enjoy complete map related functionality, even when not connected to the Internet. This is a powerful advantage over other Web based mapping services where users are required to have an Internet connection. Because HP Navigator is a “Hybrid” location solution, when connected to the Internet HP customers can discover, trial and purchase premium LBS services such as voice guided turn by turn navigation, application upgrades, additional maps, POIs and emerging services from within HP Navigator.

In addition, HP Navigator applications can fetch dynamic data from the Web, seamlessly overlaying information onto the existing map data. Since there are no restrictions, additional premium LBS services can integrate with the tasks performed on HP devices. Spime Inc. powers the solution with its Hybrid LBS Platform – MapMan – and Premium LBS services on Windows 7.

“Since the LBS Platform is tightly coupled with Spime’s Map Viewer application, users get Google Maps like functionality when not connected,” said Gary Mendel, Spime’s VP of World Wide Marketing and Sales. Shankar Narayanan, CEO of Spime added that “because MapMan and applications are tightly coupled with Spime’s Cloud Based Services and SDK, location becomes a standard component of the device software stack. HP can incorporate location intelligence within their devices when and where it adds value.” Spime facilitates this pervasive LBS approach by offering services modules and customised LBS solutions including instant on-device search, location integration with native device applications, browsers and social networks, location-based advertising, integrated content, location sharing, tracking and social location.

Source: Spime